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Winter in Cambodia - perfect time to volunteer with Globalteer
10 Volunteer projects to escape the winter weather
While our friends in Europe, Canada and the US are (hopefully) enjoying some balmy summer days right now, you know it won’t be long before the nights are drawing in and winter is on its way. Yikes!
Well, here’s some good news: Volunteering in Latin America or Southeast Asia during the Northern hemisphere winter is a great way to escape the cold for a few weeks while immersing yourself in another culture and helping local projects to create positive change in their community.
Don’t worry if you live in Australia or New Zealand as we’ll be featuring the best volunteer placements to escape a Southern hemisphere winter very soon!
But now, to help all you “Northerners” with your planning, and to make sure you book up your flights before it gets too busy and air fares start to rise, here are ten volunteer placements that are virtually guaranteed to give you dry, warm and sunny weather during those dark, damp and chilly winter months. 

Discover our top ten projects for escaping winter...

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