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Volunteer abroad on your honeymoon for something totally unique
Honeymoon volunteering in Cambodia!
The reasons behind why people choose to volunteer abroad are hugely varied, and can be anything from an 18th birthday present, to a way to see the world upon retirement.
But for British newlyweds Josh and Carrie (pictured at their project), volunteering abroad provided a unique and very special way to start married life in a truly special manner – by volunteering for five weeks at our Cambodia Community Project,
Strange but perfect

Now, volunteering abroad for your honeymoon may seem a little strange to some people, but for Josh and Carrie it was the perfect way to give back after having witnessed a lot of poverty in previous travels, as they explained.
“We really had our eyes opened whilst travelling through parts of South America.  Coming from the Western world, I suppose it’s easy to forget how lucky we can be simply through where we are born, and so spending time outside of our normal comfort zone really made us think.  As we left South America, we both felt that we had the ability and the time to try to help others less fortunate.  Our travels were taking us on to South-East Asia, including Cambodia.
“After deciding to go ahead and do some volunteering work, we spent a lot of time researching projects and charities online. As with many things, we did come across organisations that had some fairly negative feedback from other volunteers and we were vary wary of signing up to something that we might come to regret. When we found Globalteer, we got a very positive feeling, and when we delved in further and found the Cambodia Community Project, we knew that it was the perfect opportunity for us.”
After applying to Globalteer and being accepted on the project, it was time to tell their family and friends of their special honeymoon plan,
“I think some were a little surprised, but they were all very positive about it.  Once we had started, everyone we spoke to at home was really interested in the charity, what we were doing day-to-day, what the people were like, etc. It was amazing how positive the response was.”
The highlight of their trip

The time that Josh and Carrie spent at the project ended up being the highlight of their trip and is an experience they highly recommend to anyone else considering something similar. They told us,
 “Ultimately I think it’s down to what you want to do as a couple, and obviously volunteering isn’t going to suit everyone.  But, for anyone who is even slightly considering it, I would say that it is a great thing to do and we would highly recommend it.  
“Our own experience was hugely positive.  We both felt humbled by the whole thing, but you also leave with a very rewarding feeling because you have been a part – even if it is just a tiny part – of something that will hopefully improve the lives of some truly fantastic and deserving people. If you have the inclination and the time, go for it!”
If you are looking for a way to make your honeymoon truly unique, check out our range of projects throughout South East Asia and Latin America and start planning a honeymoon that will really start your life together in the best of ways!

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