The Globalteer volunteers' fundraising hall of fame

Most of the projects that Globalteer works with rely heavily on donations to enable them to continue their work and expand into new areas that will help the communities they work with even more.

We can never thank you enough - firstly for giving up your time to volunteer with us, and of course for going that extra mile and undertaking fundraising on behalf of the projects we work with. We have a compiled a small selection of our volunteers' inspiring fundraising stories below.

Please contact us at if you have a fundraising story you would like to share - and if you are looking for ideas for easy ways to fundraise, please visit our Top tips for fundraising page.

Volunteer Janneke makes a "grand" effort
Volunteer Janneke Peeters from Holland spent a month helping teach underprivileged children in Siem Reap the joys of sport at our Cambodia Sports Project, but before she even set off for Cambodia she was busily raising money to support the project and help it to continue and expand its important work.

Janneke raised a quite superb $1,000 for the project and here she explains why, and how, she went about it:

“I've been playing hockey for more than 25 years. As a child I had the chance to enjoy the fun of playing Sports and being part of a team. My wish is that every child in this world has the chance to enjoy playing sports. Supporting the Sports Project is just a small step in achieving this but it is a great start!

“I actually did three different things to raise the money. Firstly, I am part of a running group named Lopersgroep Ulestraten. Everyone is very sports-minded so when I told my running mates that I was going to volunteer with a sports project in Cambodia they immediately wanted to do something to support this. It did not need much convincing to persuade them to donate money to sponsor kits for one of the teams in the soccer league. In the end they raised enough to sponsor two teams.

“Then my employer - APG, in the Dutch city of Heerlen - did an article in our employee magazine about my volunteering plans. In addition to that I sent an e-mail to my colleagues explaining the Sports Project and the financial support they need. Everyone was really excited and once again it didn't take much convincing to collect the money.

“Finally, my family and friends were really enthusiastic about my volunteering plans. This was around Christmas time. They decided not to send Christmas cards in 2013 but donate the money they saved with this to the Sports project.”

In total Janneke’s fundraising efforts mean that seven children’s soccer teams in the Globalteer Junior Soccer League will now have brand new strips to play in, something which will help boost their confidence, their self-esteem and make them really feel part of a team. A huge thank you to Janneke, her friends, family, colleagues and all her supporters. The kids and staff of the sports project are eternally grateful for your support.

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Rachel and Susanna - a couple of great sports!
Susanna Moumar, 21 (left) and Rachel Diamond, 22 (right) are serial Globalteer volunteers, working firstly with our Cambodia Community Project in 2012 and travelling back from Australia to Siem Reap in 2013 to work with our Cambodia Sports Project.

Not only were they both fantastic sports volunteers, but while they were in Cambodia, they decided they wanted to do some fundraising as well.
Inspired by the young people that the Sports Project worked with, they teamed up with one of the nicest cafes in town, Sister Srey café (where Globalteer volunteers receive a 10% discount) to host a fundraising night for the Globalteer Sports Project.

The “Swap night” was a huge success with guests bringing something to ‘swap’, whether it be a book, an item of clothing or a story. With each item swapped a donation was paid. There was also a raffle for some very generous raffle prizes which the girls had managed to source from local businesses in Siem Reap. An auction compered by Sports Coordinator Charlie Pomroy included the selling off for a date of Ruaridh Davison another of our sports volunteers, and helped to bring the total amount raised to over $200!

This money covered the cost of a soccer trip to Poipet on the Cambodia-Thailand border where Globalteer’s youth teams had the amazing opportunity to compete against teams from other parts of Cambodia. A big thank you to Rachel and Susanna for their great fundraising efforts, and to everyone in Siem Reap who supported the event.

Read all about Rachel's experience as a sports volunteer on our Cambodia Sports Project volunteer stories page.
Clare Trevethan - walking through snow drifts for Cambodia
Clare Trevethan was a volunteer with Globalteer’s Cambodia Community Project early in 2012. She had heard  about Globalteer’s work in Cambodia from friends who had previosly volunteered in Siem Reap, so joined them on a fund-raising expedition before she left England for Cambodia.

With none of them being particularly fit or sporty, she and her friends decided to do a sponsored walk. They selected  a nice canalside walk of 13 miles, thinking that it wouldn’t be too strenuous since canals flow mostly on flat ground. They billed it as a “half marathon”, and put in some training before-hand to make sure they would all be able to complete the distance. Then Southern England experienced one of its worst cold spells in decades and their route ended up under eight inches of snow. As Clare explained,

“Not only was the temperature sub-zero for the entire day, the pathways were treacherous, and it took us so long we didn’t make our final destination – a pub in Weybridge called, appropriately enough “The British Volunteer” - until well after dark. At least there was a nice crowd of friends and a few pints waiting for us at the end!”

Clare and her friends raised over £1,800 ($2,700) between them, all of which was donated to one of Globalteer’s partner projects in Siem Reap.
Christine McAllen - the serial fund raiser
Christine McAllen, from the UK, has become a serial fund-raiser for Globalteer’s Peru Community Project Picaflor House, in the village of Oropesa near Cusco after volunteering at the project for four weeks in 2012. She explained why she wanted to continue fund-raising after she had left Peru:
“I liked what was being done for the children of Oropesa and the plans that Globalteer had for the project. I was not in a position to be a volunteer again but I could support the project with money raised from various events.”
Ad so Christine duly set about fundraising. First she baked cakes and had a cake stall at a Greenwich University conference in London and raised £85. Then when she retired from her job she sold her text books and donated another £55. And as if that wasn’t enough, she went on to donate a further £500 - the proceeds from the sale of furniture when she sold her house in England. With additional UK tax relief Christine raised over £800 ($1200) for Picaflor House – which will go a very long way in Peru!

You can read more about Christine and her experiences with Globalteer in Peru on our Peru Volunteer stories page.

*STOP PRESS* Christine has now set up a monthly direct debit payment to Picafor House - a huge thank you to Christine!
Simon & Colin - the most unlikely of triathletes
Simon Hare and Colin Newstead (both of whom ended up working for Globalteer in Cambodia) decided they wanted to raise money for Globalteer’s Cambodia Community Projects when they were accepted as volunteers in 2009.

Not being fit enough to run a marathon or brave enough to do a sky-dive they came up with the idea of doing their own version of a triathlon. Or as it turned out, a one-and-a-half-a-thon since they shared the various legs of the challenge. As Colin explained,

“I am not a great swimmer so Simon did the swimming stage, 2,500m in our local pool, with his dad there to make sure he didn’t try to take any short cuts. Then because Simon is basically rubbish at running, I ran 5km on a miserable December morning, while Simon and his mum tailed me in the car making sure that I didn’t take any short cuts either. Finally we teamed up and cycled 10km on a tandem around Dorney Lake – where they held the Olympics rowing events in London 2012.”

Simon & Colin kept sponsors amused in the run up to the event by writing a training blog which helped to grow the number of donations too. In total they raised just under £2,000 ($3,000) which was donated to one of Globalteer’s partner projects in Siem Reap.  
Katie Borg - and the pupils of Kettlethorpe High
Children at Picflor House - Globalteer’s Peru Community Project near Cusco - can now enjoy playing in a fully equipped playground thanks to the fundraising efforts of former UK volunteer Katie Borg, and her pupils at Kettlethorpe High School in Wakefield, where Katie works as a Spanish teacher.

Katie spent two weeks volunteering at Picaflor House in 2011 and following her time in Oropesa she returned to work determined to continue supporting the project she had fallen in love with. For the Year eight children at her school, Picaflor became the perfect destination for the £1238.55 (almost $2,000) they raised through a range of activities they undertook for the school’s Children in Need Fundraising Project.
Initially Katie was happy to let the project decide on how to spend the money, telling Annie Irving, Globalteer’s Project Manager for South America,
“[The year eight kids] did all sorts of activities to raise money for this fantastic project…we hope you enjoy spending it on something really worthwhile for those lovely children in Oropesa.”
But Katie’s students soon had their own ideas when they saw photos of the Picaflor House children enjoying an afternoon at the local fun park. They decided their real wish was to build a playground for the Picaflor kids…and very soon their vision became a reality (pictured, right), promising even more fun and laughter every playtime for the children of Oropesa.
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